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When I created this website, I really never thought anyone outside of my immediate family would have any interest in it. Much to my pleasant surprise, I was quite wrong. In the years that the site has been online I've recieved e-mails from many people who either share a last name that is listed in the tree or who are trying to do research on their own family's genealogy. I also get a lot of people named Michael Gatti who write to me just to point out that they share my name. Many of the people who contacted me, speak no English, but via the magic of Google Language Tools, we can communicate no matter what language they speak.

Many people who are related and who are listed in the family tree have also gotten in touch with me. They are not-so-distant relatives, but I probably never would have gotten in touch with them if it weren't for the Internet. They've submitted amazing information and contributed so much!

Occasionally, people have even used the website to get in touch with members of our family with whom they used to be friends, but had fallen out of touch. They contacted me and I pass their contact info along to the family members with whom they wished to reunite.

Want to learn more about my tree or maybe your own family? Want to see me add some more flags to this page? Well, then CONTACT ME! I'd love to talk to you, share information and learn about the many branches of the family both close and distant.

I've been contacted by people named Michael Gatti from...

Western Pennsylvania
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Southern California
Northern California
United Kingdom
Camden, New Jersey
Chicago, Illinois
Los Angeles, California

I've also heard from folks in...

Kehl, Germany
MANY other locations throughout the United States

BrazilFranceUnited KingdomUnited StatesItaly


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