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I've planted the tree and I'm waiting for it to grow.

I have a lot of data for the Paull family tree, but it's not quite ready for the web yet. You can help the tree grow even bigger and stronger by submitting some new data.

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While you're waiting for me to get this portion of the website created, I highly recommend taking a look at my cousin Suzie's family tree site. She's done a lot of really great work . Click here to visit now!


Planting a tree
A Paull has been published

Almost everyone's career has some interesting moments, but how many people can say that their career has had enough interesting moments to fill a book, nonetheless a book that people would actually want to read? My cousin (first cousin, twice removed on my maternal grandmother's side for you genealogy buffs out there), Theresa, can say exactly that. She spent her career as a member of the US Foreign Service. She was in Saigon, Vietnam during the Tet Offensive and again at fall of Vietnam. She was Consul in Cebu, the Philippines, chargé d'affaires in Laos, Ambassador to Guyana (appointed by Ronald Reagan) and Ambassador to Brunei (appointed by Bill Clinton) among many other fascinating positions and places.

I strongly encourage you to take a look at her newly published book, A Long Way from Runnemede: One Woman's Foreign Service Journey. I've known Theresa forever and have always loved hearing her stories but reading them all in one place made this a book even I couldn't put down. Besides, the fact that the cover features a picture of her standing in the Oval Office with Ronald Reagan has got to tell you the book is going to be interesting!

Check it out on Amazon.



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