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The following was posted on this website in the days follwing Nelson's death.

Nelson Panazzolo 1929-2003
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This family tree would not be possible without the tireless work and constant support of the Patriarch of our family, Nelson Panazzolo. Hours of research, countless photos scanned and so many stories shared were just a few of the gifts he gave to his labor of love, chronicling our family's history. No matter what the question or request, I never hesitated to ask Nelson because I knew he would have an answer.

On September 10th, our family lost much more than our greatest source of genealogical information, but also someone we all loved, admired and looked up to. As our family continues to write new history, we will never forget the man who not only chronicled our past, but also was an integral part of it.

This is why this website and the family tree that it is centered around is dedicated to Nelson. Even though I have added some to his research, it is all inspired by him. Thank you Nelson, for everything. You'll be forever missed.

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