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1 May 1989 - 4 September 2007
This gallery is different than any other on my website. It features not only digital pictures but also a lot of scanned film photos (some of which were taken by my mother.) This album is a tribute to the life and memory of Fluffy, our cat that I grew up with. If you'd like to learn more about him, please read this not so short biography of his life. We all miss our little friend dearly. He kept all of us on our toes for over 18 years.

(click any photo for a larger version)

01 Under Table-1989 02 With Jennifer-1989 03 Kitchen Floor-1989
Fluffy was only several weeks old here. It's hard to believe he was ever this small.
My sister with Fluffy shortly after we brought him home
Fluffy's first toys were little jingle balls. Here he guards one.
04 Flags-1989 05 Back of Couch-1989 06 FlavorIce Box-1989
On Fourth of July 1989, Fluffy was a little over 2 months old
Baby Fluffy looks like he saw a ghost!
Fluffy loved boxes from an early age.
07 Eating Popcorn-1989 08 Sleeping on Back-1989 09 Playing with Jennifer-1989
Fluffy love of human food also started at an early age. Here he eats popcorn.
You might think this is posed, but Fluffy always slept in some odd positions.
One of Fluffy's favorite pasttimes as a kitten was playing with Jennifer's hair.
10 On Dad-1989 11 Stuffed Animals-1989 12 Watching TV-1989
Fluffy makes sure my dad knows he wants attention. Note how his tail has filled out!
Can you spot which animal isn't stuffed?
Fluffy watching baseball and swatting at the screen.
13 Under Christmas Tree-1989 14 Opening Gift-1989 15 Suitcase-1990
Laying under the Christmas tree has always been a yearly tradition that Fluffy looked forward to.
Fluffy opening his Christmas gifts. Sometimes he even waited until Christmas to open them.
Fluffy's ready for vacation
16 Laying Down-1990 17 Tail Up-1990 18 Snack Box-1990
All that playing can tire a cat out.
By 1 year old, Fluffy's tail was almost as big as he was.
The only thing better than a box is a box with a view.
19 First Birthday-1990 20 Mattress-1990 21 Second Birthday-1991
On Fluffy's first birthday he got a ride in his favorite doll stroller and wore the first of many hats.
Fluffy found his way onto this mattress all by himself
Fluffy turned two before we knew it.
22 School Project-1991 23 Umbrella-1991 24 Stretched Out-1992
No school project was ever safe from Fluffy
You never know when a rain storm might strike in the living room.
Just another day rolling around on the floor.
25 Basement Boxes-1992 26 Ski Cap-1992 27 With Dad-1993
Our little three year old adventurer found his way into this precarious position but needed some help getting out.
Winter must be coming if Fluffy has his ski cap on. He'd walk around the house in this hat.
Watching TV
28 New Year-1993 29 Backyard-1993 30 Basket-1993
New Year's Eve 1993 brought out Fluffy's inner party animal
Fluffy was strictly an indoor cat. This is the only photo ever taken of him outdoors.
Fluffy wasn't allowed on the kitchen counters unless he was in a basket wearing a ski cap.
31 Dryer-1994 32 Mrs Claus Hat-1994 33 Manger-1994
Time to do the laundry
Once again, Fluffy finds his place under the tree. For his fifth Christmas he added a Mrs. Claus hat.
Christmas manger decoration or cat house? You decide.
34 Antlers-1994 35 Camera Strap-1995 36 Sandals-1995
Fluffy never liked his reindeer antler, but was always a good sport about it.
Boxing with a camera lanyard
You might think this was posed, but Fluffy loved wearing our shoes that we left laying around.
37 Orange Box-1996 38 Kitty Condo-1997 39 Christmas Box-1997
All boxes belong to Fluffy, even if they are full of our Christmas decorations.
I built this Kitty Condo for Fluffy. He hated it. You can't win them all.
In 1997 Fluffy got a Christmas wreath toy. It got a ton of use all year long.
40 Drawer-1998 41 Chair Arm-1999 42 Bonnet-2000
I left my drawer open for a minute. Fluffy found it.
Just hanging out on Christmas Eve.
Even at 10 years old, Fluffy still liked trying on new hats.
43 With Baby-2000 44 Puzzle-2001 45 Back of Couch-2001
My mother made toys for Fluffy that we referred to as his babies because he'd carry them around and even line them up around his food and water so they could share with him.
Umm, that piece goes right there.
Relaxing in front of the window
46 Laundry Basket-2003 47 Basket-2000 48 Under Christmas Tree-2000
Everyone loves the feel of fresh laundry right out of the dryer.
No matter how small a basket is, it's not too small for Fluffy.
It's a new millenium, but Fluffy is still under the Christmas tree.
49 On Gifts-2000 50 Playing with Toy-2000 51 Watching Snow-2001
Fluffy make sure no one opens any gifts early
Every Christmas, Fluffy got new "babies".
In this picture Fluffy is watching snowflakes fall, but this perfectly captures the pose that he'd be in whenever anything was moving in the backyard.
52 On Newspapers-2001 53 Chewing Toy-2001 54 Jumping-2002
Fluffy loved sitting on this stool and newspapers weren't going to stop him.
Chewing on his toy
Fluffy takes off!
55 At Sink-2002 56 On Bag-2003 57 Welcome Mat-2003
Looking for water
They say Turkish Vans love crinkling paper even more than the average cat. Fluffy supports that theory.
Marking Pop's new welcome mat.
58 Family Room-2004 59 Mouse-2004 60 Box-2004
I think I startled him.
I'll spare you the cat and mouse jokes. This is my favorite picture of Fluffy.
We tossed this box lid on the floor one day and Fluffy claimed it as his bed for three years.
61 Antlers-2004 62 Dad Birthday-2005 63 Basket-2005
It's Christmas 2004 and Fluffy is putting up with our antler antics again.
Did someone say cake?
It's been sixteen years since the first picture of Fluffy in this basket, but he still fits just fine.
64 Front Door-2005 65 Eating Treat-2005 66 Getting Treat-2005
Fluffy looks a lot like a kitten here even though he was 16 when it was taken.
Looking scary as he takes a treat from my hand.
Hanging from my arm as he goes for a treat.
67 Card Table-2005 68 Anne-2005 69 Moms Lap-2005
Just hanging out.
Fluffy can't wait to see what Anne ot for Christmas
Posing with my mom on Christmas Eve 2005
70 Stocking-2005 71 Breath Mints-2005 72 Ark-2006
Fluffy checks his stocking to see what Santa brought him.
Yes, those are breath mints for cats. Fluffy loved them.
When the floods come, Fluffy will be ready.
73 Kitchen Chair-2006 74 Sofa-2006 75 Close-Up-2006
Fluffy's favorite hiding spot.
Fluffy loved sitting like this while I watched TV.
Looking all serious.
76 Under Christmas Tree-2006 77 Hearth-2006 78 Mouse Toy-2006
In 2006 we bought a new Christmas tree skirt. Even though Fluffy no longer had any tassles to chew he still spent all of his spare time under the tree.
Cat napping in front of the fireplace.
This was the last toy I beought Fluffy. I never saw him play with it much, but it was always covered in hair, so he must've been playing with it.
79 Michael Lap-2006 80 Bills-2007 81 Bathroom Remodel-2007
New Year's Eve 2007
When Fluffy turned 18 we thought he'd starting helping pay the bills, but he wasn't very organized.
Checking out the work that the contractor did in the bathroom remodeling project.
82 Chilis Bag-2007 83 Sink-2007 84 Sink-2007
A paper bag that smells like steak? Who could ask for anything more?
Fluffy embraces his Turkish Van heritage and takes a dip in the sink.
Fluffy embraces his Turkish Van heritage and takes a dip in the sink.
85 With Dad in Kitchen-2007 86 Dad Lap-2007
Fluffy and my dad supervise the cooking of dinner.
Fluffy loved being with the family. This was the last photo I took of him five days before he passed away.



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