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Jack Hanna in Lancaster
March 2008
In December 2007 we went to the Christmas show at the American Music Theatre. While there we heard that Jack Hanna would be coming there a few months later. We promptly ordered tickets for that show. It was really fun to see him and his animals in person after so many years of watching him on television. The only sad thing is that my father, who taught me everything I know about animals wasn't there with us. We also went to dinner at a fantastic Amish restaurant. It was called The Family Cupboard.

(click any photo for a larger version)

04 Farm 05 Amish Buggy 06 Gap Town Clock
Getting to the theatre is a fun trip in itself. Rolling hills and Amish farms make it a scenic journey.
One of many Amish buggies we saw
The Gap Town Clock in Gap, PA is a local landmark
08 Farm 09 Dutch Wonderland 10 Jack Hanna
Getting to the theatre is a fun trip in itself. Rolling hills and Amish farms make it a scenic journey
Dutch Wonderland is a place that brings back many memories of trips to Lancaster with my grandparents. That is the monorail track in the front.
Jack Hanna autographs pictures in the lobby before the show
14 Jack Hanna 16 Flamingo 17 Alligator & Crocodiles
Jack Hanna entertains the audience with an interesting anecdote
It might look like a lawn ornament, but that's a real flamingo
Crocodiles & alligators, oh my!
18 Dingo 20 Monkey 21 Bearcat
Maybe the dingo ate your baby. And now it's on stage.
This little guy points where where he'd like his handlers to scratch.
That's a bearcat and boy is it unique
23 Bearcat 25 Jack Rabbit 28 Snake
The bearcat checks out his handller's hair
Just in time for Easter, it's a giant hare
I'm glad they got the hare out of sight before this snake made its entrance.
31 Cheetah
We were told to make no fast moves when this cheetah came out. Luckily no one was eaten.



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