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Freeholder Proclamation
September 2007
Over Labor Day weekend my father almost choked to death in a restaurant. Thanks to the fast action of a fellow diner, his life was saved. That diner, Michael Price, was honored with a proclamation by the Camden County Board of Freeholders. We attended the meeting and had a chance to thank him in a less chaotic setting than the night it happened.

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01 Freeholder Proclamation 02 Freeholder Proclamation 04 Freeholder Proclamation
Freeholder Rod Greco presents the proclamation
Michael Price talks to my dad as the freeholders and the rest of the room give him a standing ovation
Freeholder Rod Greco presents the proclamation
05 Freeholder Proclamation 09 Group Photo
Michael Price says a few words
My parents and I stand for a photo op with the Price family and Rod Greco



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