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September 2007
Batsto is a very well maintained historic village in Wharton State Forest (New Jersey). During the 18th and 19th centuries, it was a bog iron and glass making industrial center. Today it's a relaxing place to walk around and learn a little bit along the way.

(click any photo for a larger version)

01 Batsto Sign 04 Bog Ore and Farm 06 Farm Buildings
Entering the Visitor Center
Bog ore was processed at Batsto in the 18th century
The farm portion of Batsto. The tall building in the middle is part of the piggery.
07 Trail 08 Batsto Lake 12 Batsto River
One of many paths at Batsto
Looking out across Batsto Lake
The Batsto River flows over a dam off of Batsto lake
16 Batsto Lake 18 Apothacary Shop 20 Village House
Looking out across Batsto Lake
Period furniture in the apothecary shop
These village houses now house various artisans
21 Duck 24 General Store and Post Office 25 Grist Mill
Duck on Batsto Lake
The general store and post office is one of most interesting buildings
The grist mill
27 Stone Horse Barn Window 28 Stables 29 Mule Barn
I thought this window in the stone horse barn had a neat look to it.
The mule barn
40 Wild Turkeys 41 Batsto Cemetary 45 Farm
Some wild turkeys we happened upon just outside of Batsto
Batsto Cemetary
A random farm along the road in Hammonton



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